3 Simple And Elegant Holiday Wreath Ideas

I love using pine cones in decorating projects: they last forever and you can reuse them from year to year. Perfect for the holidays! Photo by Author.

Regardless of the season, adding a wreath to your front door makes your home look more inviting. It so happens that Christmas is the perfect time to put one up!

You can make your wreath from scratch or buy it ready-made. I love the middle ground where you buy an artificial base and customize it with a couple of strokes of hot glue and a mix of faux and real pieces: very easy, tailored to your taste, and reusable for years to come!

1. The woodland wreath

A woodland or rustic theme will work really well for Autumn and Thanksgiving decorating but can also carry you to Christmas!

Autumnal wreath with a mix of faux and real elements. It is constructed on a grapevine base with pine cones, moss, nuts, seed heads, and acorns. Photo by Author.

Choose decorative elements such as seed heads, branches, berries, foliage, nuts, acorns, pine cones, and wood slices to bring a natural and woodland style to your wreath. These can either be natural or faux depending on your personal taste and whether you want to keep the wreath after the season is over. Here is a step by step guide to make your own.

The secret of making a beautiful wreath? Start with a base already good-looking on its own or of a color that will blend well with the rest of the elements.

Top tip: If you forage elements from your garden such as acorns, make sure to clean and dry them to prolong the life of your wreath. For example, I use a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water to soak the elements for 30 min before rinsing and letting them air-dry.

2. The fir wreath

Pine or fir foliage will make your wreath feel even more Christmassy!

I enjoyed my Christmas wreath so much last year that I left this on my door throughout Winter as an ode to the season. It’s artificial so I can reuse it this year too! Photo by Author.

Choosing and mixing different styles of festive foliage such as fir, pine, spruce, eucalyptus, holly and a touch of frost or other texture will bring more interest to your wreath. The flocked effect is ideal for Christmas decorating of course but will also be perfect throughout Winter.

If you plan to use your wreath on a door, table, or window with a lot of traffic, adding some scented elements (from a potpourri for example, or dried citrus and cinnamon sticks) brings an additional festive touch.

3. The boxwood wreath

This boxwood base is the most versatile: it can be used to decorate all year round and is very elegant in its simplicity.

Faux boxwood wreath. Very versatile and beautiful simply on its own. Photo by Author.
Tablescape idea with the faux boxwood wreath adorned with red berries and golden pine cones. I love the different shades of green with the lighter color mimicking new growth on the plant. Photo By Author.

Wreaths are great to decorate with as you can use them not only on doors or windows but also as a table centerpiece. I used red berries and golden pine cones on my wreath centerpiece to tie the table colors to my Christmas tree design.

Match the colors of your seasonal decor to your Christmas tree for a unified style across your home. Photo by Author.

Which one is your favorite?




Follow along my garden journey! ❤️ Instagram: @johannabobbio ❤️Youtube: Johanna Bobbio

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Johanna Bobbio

Johanna Bobbio

Follow along my garden journey! ❤️ Instagram: @johannabobbio ❤️Youtube: Johanna Bobbio

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