Frosty Beech Tree. Photo via Pixabay.

Brunch time. Photo by Author.

1. Tomato and pepper tart

I love using pine cones in decorating projects: they last forever and you can reuse them from year to year. Perfect for the holidays! Photo by Author.

Drift of Tulip Ollioules (single, mid-late bloomer) in my garden (United Kingdom, growing zone 7–8). Photo by Author.

Amaryllis bulbs encased in wax. A great gift! Once the bulb is done blooming, you can remove it from its wax casing and plant in a pot. Given the proper care, it will bloom again for you. Photo by Author.

My tree this year is extra sparkly and is adorned with red and gold ornaments. Photo by Author.

Christmas display. Photo by Author.


Vegetable garden display at the Royal Berkshire Country Show (2019), Newbury, United Kingdom. Photo by Author.

Sunset over the French countryside. View from the village of Domme (Espace du Jubilé). Photo by Author.

Do you love good food, beautiful nature, medieval châteaux and picturesque villages? …

Flower meadow in the summer, United Kingdom. Photo by Author.

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